A little about me

What I do:

I'm David, I'm a programmer and System Administrator. I work at Accenture and my current role is OS Engineering Lead. People in the Linux world tend to call me Nomius, as it was the username used in my first email address when I started to use Linux back in 1998.


I love music, I play piano since I'm 7, and my favourites music artists are pretty variable: From the Reggae of Bob Marley, to the Rock of Nickelbak, Jannis Joppin or AC/DC, or the Acid Jazz of Jamiroquai, I also like some experimental/electronic rock like Massive Attack or Fluke. Chill out and Classical mussic are among my favourites as well.


When it comes to reading, my perfect titles are anything by Dan Brown, "A Brave New World", "1984", "Control Remoto" (by Daniel Gutman"), and the list goes more technical (things like Operating Systems/Computer Networks books' by Andy Tanenbaum or any Richard Stevens as well).

Projects & Open Source:

All my public projects are open source (you can check out the most interesting ones in the navigation bar at tht top), I tend to free any of my projects under the BSD licence.

Me on social networks (?):

Check my Google+ page if you want to know more about me.

Take a look at my GitHub profile and my GitHub repositories to see more of what I do.

About this site:

I finally I have a good website, self made, beautiful, with the things that I use and without a messy WYSIWYG editor which does what he wants. This whole website was created using Vim, it's all written using github's markdown as formating syntax to write every page (even the weblog).

How I did this? Well, this site is now automatically generated by a 170 lines python script. Cool isn't it? :-)

You can now take a look at the whole code and website (+content) at: https://github.com/nomius/nomius.github.io.

As you've probably already seen, the script that generate this site support links, tables, syntax highlighted code, images (although I don't use them too much), quotes, headings, all types of lists, mobile support thanks to bootstrap and a lot more. It includes an automated weblog (it can be disabled as well), and as said before, it uses a clean syntax that you really enjoy writing in like markdown. And finally, one of the coolest things: It has a really nice design.